James Timothy Lazaro.

At nights like these, i feel lonely as fuck. Always down, and never up. Thinking of someone to hit up, to have a conversation and say, “What’s up?”. Sometimes, all i look for is just good company, and good vibes. All truths, no lies, with a cute girl with chinky eyes. And why? Simple. I like asians. The asians that actually care about education, that are smart and shit, with solving equations. Not the asians that are cute as fuck, with no brains, and i’m not naming any names, cuz most girls on tumblr are so lame, playing games, fishing for attention, waiting to get gang banged, on the “Tumblr-Famous-Horny-Faggot-ass-Bop-Train”. The difference is, i want that “Wifey” type, not a hood rat. Not the fine bitch you’d talk bout, sayin, “I’d hit that”. But the good girl, that has you sayin, “I want that”.